[LMB] Languages on Barrayar

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Thu Feb 11 19:25:45 GMT 2010

Pete Granzeau wrote:
> I've also read that there's one sound in English that doesn't exist
> in Russian (thus can't be transliterated into Cyrillic).  I have no
> idea what it might be

Matija Grabnar replied:
> It's the H sound as in "hero". Russians pronounce it as soft G, as in
> google. Thus the russian word for hero is "geroi".

Russian also doesn't have the two sounds we write as "th" (one in "think", the 
other in "this"). Words and names borrowed from Greek (which has the first of 
these sounds) are represented with an "f". Hence "Fyodor" (<"Theodore").


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