[LMB] OT: introducing kids to books: was Childhood Reading

Lucy Chubb lucy at chubb.wattle.id.au
Sun Feb 14 08:55:36 GMT 2010

On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 03:33:41PM -0500, Elizabeth McCoy wrote:

> For learning the alphabet, I sang the alphabet song and showed her
> foam alphabet letters.
> Kid reads about a page a minute now. Voraciously.

Obviously kids differ and some things work better for some than others, but...

We were advised to read to our girls right from the start, so they were
introduced to alphabet books the day they came home from hospital (a week old).
Of course they were more facinated by the face of the reader for some time,
but by the time they could crawl they hauled books to us for us to read to
them. Their favourite had lovely rhyming poetic sentences for each letter and
interesting pictures that even the parents didn't get sick of :-)
We didn't use alphabet blocks, flash cards or the like. The one time I tried
them on the older child, she wouldn't have anything to do with it. She wanted
to get back to a book.

The older one could recognize at least one letter by 7 months. she was crawling
on the ground, found an `A', and sat there fascinated, tracing her finger over
it saying "A A A A A A...".  The funny thing is that we weren't specifically
trying to teach them to read or recognize their letters. It was just that we
love reading and also loved surrounding them with the written and read word.

I realize that not everyone has the time to read read read to their child, but
it can be _really_ effective (infective?).

Btw, I would recommend a rule that I had for reading to our kids, which was to
not read any one book more than once in each reading session. It saved my


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