[LMB] Cetaganda: Twin Empires and the Occupation

Matija Grabnar matija at serverflow.si
Wed Jun 9 07:30:52 BST 2010

On 06/09/2010 05:02 AM, Tel wrote:
> Yet none of these places right now are months from everywhere on Earth (pre-artificial grav),  with the communications lag being nearly that long. A lot of the migration these days is economic, with people sending money home to the 'old country'. Tricky on a colony without much trade.
Tricky? How about better? Imagine Cetaganda employing a big advertising 
agency, someone who is able to pull a trick akin to changing diamonds 
from something only the richest put on their shopping list to something 
that every hopeful groom should buy (and pay X monthly salaries for). 
With little trade, there would be few people traveling back to 
contradict the glowing stories of a place where everybody is a 
millionaire, and everybody's children are physically perfect. Sure, 
there are people who wouldn't fall for it, but as long as they are in 
the minority, you get the desired effect.
>   More to the point, there's empty worlds much closer to Earth with nicer governments. All these places you mention are better than the alternatives the immigrants have (notice nobody's really moving to North Korea)
All you need to do is paint Cetaganda as rich, fertile, with neat urban 
centers surrounded by pretty countryside - in contrast all the 
fixer-upper ("needs some terraforming") worlds like Barrayar suddenly lose
all the attraction. Unless they, too, hire an agency - but it's a trick 
that works less each time.
> Athos is beautiful, easily-terraformed, and you can have a good life there... yet -somehow- they only get one or two people a year. Government and ideology matter.
That is much later, with the traffic between systems being much more 
frequent and cheaper.

As long as there is little back-traffic, you can spin the Cetagandan 
system of government as "benevolent monarchy, where you get rich easily".

Yes, government and ideology matter, but less to economic immigrants 
than to others. Just look at the number of people willing to work in 
Dubai. Read up on their government, their ideology, their treatment of 
foreigners - and then read up on how many people go there to work.
> In other words, Chia Peasants are implausible.
In other words, I beg to differ.

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