[LMB] General Theme Question

Eric Oppen technomad at intergate.com
Wed Jun 9 22:58:03 BST 2010

Quoting Zivya A <zivya_a at yahoo.com>:

> which puts me in mind of the night miles woke up to someone calling  
> him, Lord V., sir.  it left him very disoriented - no no, that's my  
> father's name...   until he realized that if a liveried servant is  
> calling him by his father's title, aralmust be using his own  
> father's title.
> zivya
> In DI, right before he opens Gregor's communique giving him the  
> quaddie assignment, he worries that he's being notified of his  
> father's death, too, and dreads the day someone says "Count  
> Vorkosigan, sir?" to him.  I don't think the only reason (even if  
> it's a major one) is because he loves his father.

Or, even worse...he's away from Barrayar-the-planet itself (Sergyar,  
Komarr or farther afield) and someone comes up and says "Excuse me,  
Your Majesty...Sire?  Sire?  Oh, crap, get the defibrillator!  The  
Emperor's had a cardiac arrest!"

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