[LMB] foreign travel

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Sun Jun 27 18:44:12 BST 2010

> I'm not sure that the North American parochialism is purely down to the
> difficulties in travelling to different countries - I think there's a real
> lack of awareness/interest in other countries and world politics in 
> general.

Even Canadian news does a better job with world news than US news does.  I 
occasionally watch the CBC news (which I get on my cable due to proximity to 
the Canadian border) for that purpose.  My local PBS station airs the BBC 
world version, but other than that, if you watch our main network news, the 
"world" consists of Iraq, Afghanistan, and the occasional disaster.  About 
the only time Australia is mentioned on the network news here is when you 
have a typhoon or one of your enormous wildfires.  Or someone gets eaten by 
a shark <wry g>.


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