[LMB] OT: Amazon and DRM (was: Bujold e-books)

beatrice_otter at haugensgalleri.com beatrice_otter at haugensgalleri.com
Tue May 1 00:45:42 BST 2012

Try ebooks.dreamwidth.org

I had a similar problem once; the solution was to update my plugins. 
Stores periodically update their DRM software, and it may take a while for
the hackers to get new plugins written to crack them.  Once the plugins
are updated, download the new plugins and install them.  Remove the
un-DRM'ed book(s) from Calibre, and re-import them.  That should fix the
problem, if the issue is out-of-date plugins.

Beatrice Otter

> Anybody know where I can find a discussion group to get help with this
> Kindle book?
> The last e-book I bought from Apple did not get its DRM removed when I
> loaded it to Calibre.   I thought the Calibre add-ons on my Mac would get
> rid of this.

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