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On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 12:05 PM, Joanna Lynn Karpinski
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> Hi folks,
> I'm new to the list. I'm re-reading the books and stumbled on something that puzzled me.
> In Shards, when Vorkosigan is in Cordelia's cabin and proposes to her for the first time, he tries to explain his choice of time and place, saying,
> "But I couldn't let you go on thinking—what were you thinking, anyway?"She shook her head. "I don't think I want to say, just now. I'll tell you someday. It's nothing you'll dislike, I don't believe."
> Do we ever find out what it was that she was thinking? Does she ever tell him?
> Thanks and nice to meet everyone!

Hello and nice to meet you, too!

It's not shown up in any book that I can think of.  She may have said
something off-screen (off-page?), but no reference to having said
something has come up that I know of, either.

The nearest that I have is in Mirror Dance when she's talking to Mark
about Aral and she claims his feelings for her weren't really love at
first sight, as he claimed.

I've tried to guess that one, myself, and the best I ever came up with
was some sort of "he likes her because she's like his mother" except
that here, we'd say that it's because she's like his grandmother --
another Betan and all.

Karen Hunt

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