[LMB] When one series makes you think of another

Stacey Hill stacey at xtra.co.nz
Wed May 2 22:55:44 BST 2012

From: "Hendon, Alison" <A.Hendon at BrooklynPublicLibrary.org

I couldn't think of a good subject for this one.  I've finished reading
the werecat series by Rachel Vincent (Stray, etc.) and the premise is
that the gender balance is way skewed.  Only the alphas reproduce (?)
and the ratio is about 5 boys to 1 girl (and the girl seems to come
last.)  Boy, could these people use the gender pills and the uterine

I just finished reading this series as well (which I quite enjoyed through my library)

I'm not sure the replicator is really what they need, the minimal supply of tabbys kept the population small and central.  Each area was passed over through the female line.  Their biggest problem (as we see from the books) was the extremely out of date ideas they had about the role of women in the pride.  If they educated their women and let them lead equally as partners, and have it less like a big territorial squabble over the eligible female, they would be able to move forward and evolve and grow.

If they had too many females they would then have to support more territories, and I don't think that would end well.  But more would certainly help take the pressure of the limited few they have from having to start reproducing ASAP, and have a chance at a life first, and Im all for that!


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