[LMB] characters and world

Rachel anglerfish at gmail.com
Sat May 5 13:40:24 BST 2012

> D W
> Lois' strength has always lain with character, to me.  Characters that you'd
> stay with because they're just as fascinating when belly-down in the mud as
> when covered in glory.  <snip>
> =====================================================

I might have said this before, but there's something else in Lois'
work for me other than fantastic characters and interesting world
building, because while those are both fantastic I've read other SFF
books that I felt had both and yet didn't resonate with me the way
Lois' books do. Lois' characters play around with language, which I
love, but also, every now and then, a sentence or two will hit me as
Truth--as something important about the human condition. I love that,
and I don't find it in other SSF much. I don't know whether that's
because Lois is a better writer, or if it's because her worldview
matches mine in a way that makes me feel understood.

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