[LMB] characters and world

Marian Lesslie marianlesslie at gmail.com
Sat May 5 15:36:38 BST 2012

On 5 May 2012 22:40, Rachel <anglerfish at gmail.com> wrote:

> I might have said this before, but there's something else in Lois'
> work for me other than fantastic characters and interesting world
> building, because while those are both fantastic I've read other SFF
> books that I felt had both and yet didn't resonate with me the way
> Lois' books do. Lois' characters play around with language, which I
> love, but also, every now and then, a sentence or two will hit me as
> Truth--as something important about the human condition.

MSL: I have found the speech about honour vs. reputation circling around my
head many, many times (quite a lot recently, actually). Not only does it
resonate for me as (as you say, Rachel) Truth, I've found it comforting.
The insistence in all of Lois' books on the paramount and unquestionable
importance of personal honour and integrity is one of my favourite things
about her writing and makes me happy that at least there are people out
there who think that way (even if some of them are fictional!)

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