[LMB] OT: Internet Troubles

Katrina Knight kknight at fastmail.fm
Sat May 5 21:57:36 BST 2012

At 04:45 PM 05/05/2012 Nicholas D. Rosen wrote:
>I have dial-up through a Verizon landline.  It may be all 
>Verizon's fault, or maybe something else.

Several years ago the few clients I had who were still using 
Verizon dial-up had to give up on it because they were having 
trouble staying connected and when they were connected the 
connection wasn't reliable. It seemed likely that Verizon was 
failing to keep their dial-up service in working order because 
they wanted everyone to switch to DSL instead. (Given that the 
price for low-end DSL was less than the price for dial-up it 
didn't make sense for people who could get DSL to stick with 
dial-up anyway.) It wouldn't surprise me if you were having 
issues due to a similar lack of care on Verizon's part.

That being said, there are other possibilities as well. If you 
have specified specific addresses for DNS in your tcp/ip 
settings rather than having it assigned automatically that could 
be the cause of problems connecting to some sites. Malware of 
some sort is another possibility. Malware that tries to 
communicate over the internet can make using a dial-up 
connection almost impossible.

If you need some help figuring this out, you can contact me 
offlist if you like.

Katrina Knight
kknight at fastmail.fm 

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