[LMB] Paladin discussion questions?

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Sun May 6 23:02:50 BST 2012

> > Can any one suggest a couple of good questions I can ask the group to get our conversation started?

Inherent in all three books is that a soul must open itself to allow a God access.  How is that similar to or different from God working within us in real life?  Is it possible to allow God to work through us if we DON'T open ourselves to Him (or Her or It or one's God-view-of-choice).

How much of the withering of Ista's life is from her reaction to her guilt and her rejecting the Gods after her mistake in the dungeon and how much is a result of the God's reaction to that incident?  I think it's more Ista than the Gods.

A discussion of Forgiveness and Redemption would no doubt be fruitful. I don't think Ista could have achieved her redemption without forgiveness from both from Arhys and Ista forgiving herself.

This sounds very theological and lord knows I'm not that religious. But these seem to be important themes in the book.

Forgiving one's self and Just Going On are also important themes in the Vorkosigan books.  Miles gets up after heinous consequences to monumental mistakes over and over again. From Bothari killing the jump pilot, to Bothari's death, to Galen's death, Mark's torture, Lying to Illyan, Tien, his disastrous dinner party, Bel's illness.... He gets up and goes after the Wall again and again. I see that also in Ista's putting her life together after dy Lutez's death.

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