[LMB] Paladin discussion questions?

Aruvqan aruvqan at gmail.com
Mon May 7 18:43:03 BST 2012

Sort of slid in from an argument I was in on a message board about 
reimagining oneself work wise ...

How about the perceptions of the 'new job' as somehow unsuitable? 
Remember how everybody wanted Ista to go back to being the quiet little 
widow sheltered in a castle stultifying away. She reimagined herself out 
in the field with an army, dealing with demons.

[the discussion on the message board was because I suggested to a 40ish 
woman who was burnt out in an office job, and said she wasn't even sure 
she wanted to go back and work in an office that she try temping in a 
factory, or working as a security guard, or going back to school for 
plumbing and heating tech. Perfectly sensible to me, she said she didn't 
want to go back to a toxic office type job, and to my eyes there is 
nothing degrading in being a 'rude mechanical' or security guard. Not to 
mention plumbers after they are fully qualified if they work 
independantly can make a seriously good income.]

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