[LMB] Ista's bachelorhood

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Tue May 8 04:00:12 BST 2012

I would add that in significant measure the triad of maiden-mother-crone is
not only about "the debilitation of old age" in a general sense, but
specifically maps stages of female reproductive life, from viriginity to
post-menopause. Whether there's textev that Ista is menopausal or
post-menopausal I'm not sure -- anyone? -- but in any case, she is plainly
positioned on what would have been the mother/crone boundary, and is now in
Lois's schema the mother/blank-years boundary.

--John Lennard

Maureen, in Heinlein's TO SAIL BEYOND THE SUNSET, calls that period in her
life her 'bachelorhood' (which is unfortunately interrupted with further
family business as her extended family gets dumped on her). I have some
severe squick problems with parts of that book, and have only read it once
(given how I've memorized most of Heinlein, this says something). However,
Maureen as a character noted this gap between her physical
motherhood/wifehood and the crone life faced by many women of an earlier
generation, and that's what she called it. 

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