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Nicholas D. Rosen ndrosen at erols.com
Tue May 8 05:27:58 BST 2012

Margaret Devere wrote:

MD> Have you considered starting with CoC instead of PoS? The previous events
MD> and world descriptions are really important in understanding PoS. And CoC is
MD> a superb book, even though its main character is male:) Personally, I'd want
MD> to read them in that order.

MD> Some thoughts about questions:

MD> Lois violates convention by having both Cazaril and Ista connect up with a
MD> character who is not the romantic hero(ine). What do you think about that?

It's fine with me.

MD> How do both of these books (or one of them) make a statement for maturity
MD> and wisdom rather than youth and glamour?

Hmm.  It's complicated, like life.  On the one hand, the young have 
much to learn, and we see Iselle learning, and Teidez mostly failing 
to do so.  Cazaril, who has had his youthful impulsiveness burned 
out, and pounded out of him, is in some ways a model to emulate.
On the other hand, Iselle, who has youth and glamour, is also wiser
than her much older brother Orico; she's not fooled by Martou dy

The Provincara complains about the world having gone mad, with
children now running it, but Iselle seems much better fit to run it, or
a good part of it, than her grandmother, and certainly than Orico
and his minister.

If you're a teenager who thinks he knows better than his elders, at
least about some important matters, are you being more like Iselle
or like Teidez?  If you're a person of mature years, grumbling about
the foolish and disrespectful youth of today, are you more like dy 
Sanda, reproving Teidez, or like Orico, arranging Iselle's marriage?
And how do you tell?


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