[LMB] Paladin discussion questions?

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>If you're a teenager who thinks he knows better than his  elders, at
least about some important matters, are you being more like  Iselle
or like Teidez?  If you're a person of mature years, grumbling  about
the foolish and disrespectful youth of today, are you more like dy  
Sanda, reproving Teidez, or like Orico, arranging Iselle's  marriage?
And how do you tell?

Simple enough--you listen to them.  Really listen, and  evaluate their 
level of maturity without criticizing them.  Most teens  will talk quite freely 
to someone who actually listens to them and reserves  judgment, then offers 
advice and help, not orders.  I taught teenagers  for 10 years, and that was 
my experience. 

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