[LMB] AKICOT:L reducing glare on a netbook screen

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Wed May 9 00:53:43 BST 2012

> If you lay them on carefully they will do the trick 
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5k5kqPE2io

> Cygnett and Belkin and Kensington are the brands I would recommend

Thanks, Stacey.  Although I have to say it was enlightening watching the 
video because I literally could not tell any difference in glare reduction 
from his before and his after.  I could still see an almost perfect 
reflection of the guy's face afterwards.  That did not look like a matte 
protector, though, so hopefully that will make a difference.  Thank you for 
the brand recommendations, too.

> When you searched yourself, did you fail to find possibilities or did the 
> possibilities just not seem like good choices for you? If the latter, what 
> issues did you have with what you found?

Katrina, it was my usual problem trying to shop via Google <wry g>.  Too 
many choices, no useful or even noticeably pointed out distinctions between 
products to help with a decision.  Googling to try to find a specific item 
to purchase is like sticking your arm into a hole in the ground.  You 
*might* find buried treasure, but you're much more likely to get bitten by a 

My first stop for this was at my local Best Buy, thinking, oh, I'm sure 
they'll have something I can actually look at before I purchase it, but they 
didn't have anything (perhaps it was because I said I needed it for my 
netbook, not for an iPad or whatever -- what are the dimensions of your 
standard iPad, anyway, and would an iPad screen protector be big enough for 
my 10.1" netbook screen?).  Especially after watching that video where the 
glare was not reduced at all, I'm dubious about buying something sight 
unseen unless someone I trust tells me it's really going to work for my 
purposes.   Since I don't have a touchscreen, I couldn't care less about 

And Jeff, hoping for shade when even shade isn't enough is not going to 
help.  It's crucial that I be able to use this thing outdoors.  But thank 


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