[LMB] AKICOT:L reducing glare on a netbook screen

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You have some luck in that iPads are close with a 9.7" display, if I
remember what I've read correctly.  Perhaps a screen add-on for an iPad will
work for you.  Even better, I think the Samsung Galaxy tablet has a 10.1"
display - you might look for screen accessories for those.

I ****HATE**** reflections on displays!!!!!  Glossy surfaces are made worse
by displays that are not bright enough to compete with bright daylight.

No negativity toward you, for you are where I was some years ago.  I'm good
at sympathy in the computer realm and sometimes with helping because I've
personally tested every way to mess up computers.

I'm finicky about my display quality.  Thus, I learned (the hard way) and
adhere to the policy that I WILL NOT buy a computer or TV that doesn't have
a pretty good MAT screen.  This really cuts down on my choices when shopping
but I tend to be happy with the results.  Even with our mat surface TVs,
there are limited ways to arrange our rooms to prevent reflections from the
windows washing out part of the screen.

Ipads and other tablets have very glossy displays due to the Gorilla Glass
display surfaces.  A product made for them might work for you.  Otherwise,
if outdoor work is critical for you, it may be necessary to sell this
netbook even if you take a loss and shop very diligently for one that will
meet your needs, TESTING it before you buy.

I hate it when something like this comes up after I buy something.  What's
the old saying?  Wisdom comes from experience and experience is closely
related to our prior mistakes. ???

Sympathy and good luck.

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> > If you lay them on carefully they will do the trick
> > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5k5kqPE2io
> > Cygnett and Belkin and Kensington are the brands I would recommend
> Thanks, Stacey.  Although I have to say it was enlightening watching the
> because I literally could not tell any difference in glare reduction from
his before and
> his after.  I could still see an almost perfect reflection of the guy's
face afterwards.
> That did not look like a matte protector, though, so hopefully that will
make a
> difference.  Thank you for the brand recommendations, too.
> > When you searched yourself, did you fail to find possibilities or did
> > the possibilities just not seem like good choices for you? If the
> > latter, what issues did you have with what you found?
> Katrina, it was my usual problem trying to shop via Google <wry g>.  Too
> choices, no useful or even noticeably pointed out distinctions between
products to help
> with a decision.  Googling to try to find a specific item to purchase is
like sticking your
> arm into a hole in the ground.  You
> *might* find buried treasure, but you're much more likely to get bitten by
a snake.
> My first stop for this was at my local Best Buy, thinking, oh, I'm sure
they'll have
> something I can actually look at before I purchase it, but they didn't
have anything
> (perhaps it was because I said I needed it for my netbook, not for an iPad
or whatever
> -- what are the dimensions of your standard iPad, anyway, and would an
iPad screen
> protector be big enough for my 10.1" netbook screen?).  Especially after
watching that
> video where the glare was not reduced at all, I'm dubious about buying
> sight unseen unless someone I trust tells me it's really going to work for
> purposes.   Since I don't have a touchscreen, I couldn't care less about
> smudges.
> And Jeff, hoping for shade when even shade isn't enough is not going to
help.  It's
> crucial that I be able to use this thing outdoors.  But thank you.
> Megaera
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