[LMB] Paladin discussion questions no. 2

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I thought I read Lois saying that Ista had children (or at least a child) by Ilvin but that they never married, so there was no line of succession.


"Grant us, in our direst need, the smallest gifts: the nail of the horseshoe, the pin of the axle, the feather at the pivot point, the pebble at the mountain's peak, the kiss in despair, the one right word. In darkness, understanding."

Paladin of Souls (HB page 35), Lois McMaster Bujold

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>John Lennard wrote:
>> And while Lois was kind enough to give us a vignette of 
>> Ista's and Illvin's seaside home, with dy Cabon and others 
>> being happily harried around them, there's an awful lot in 
>> motion at the end of the book, which in this sense doesn't 
>> end so much as cease narrating, or, cinematically, let events 
>> and characters alike roll on out-of-frame. 
>Did I miss something?  I don't recall this vignette...
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