[LMB] q-word--I hope this is not very TMI was: Re: OT: X-Men: First Class - funniest movie I've seen in a long time

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Sun May 13 15:18:43 BST 2012

On 5/13/2012 8:05 AM, A. Marina Fournier wrote:

> While watching the Avengers, I found myself amazed when at the end of Loki's diatribe? tirade? extended name-calling towards Natasha, the last word is one I don't expect to see or hear outside of Victorian erotica. I found myself wondering whether the censors knew what the word was, and then, how much of the audience would. I tried to use it one time at lunchtime Scrabble, and the only other player who knew what it meant had conniption fits.
> Starts with a 'q' and was used in place of a derogatory word beginning with 'c'.
> A. Marina Fournier

That word has seen a Renaissance in usage; Felicia Day has been using it 
whenever she has an excuse.

However, I was thinking it was not directly synonymous with the 
'c'-word, either in usage or in definition.  My understanding was that 
it was not quite so pejorative as the 'c'-word, and that it refers not 
directly to "girl parts", but to to, ah... secretions.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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