[LMB] Terraforming and gengineering

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Mon May 14 16:57:27 BST 2012

> Beatrice Otter wrote:
> "Elin B" <elbju at yahoo.se> wrote
>>> OK, since it's so quiet I'll post a question that I suspect may
>>> be rather
>>> stupid: given Enrique's redesigning of butter bugs to be compatible
>>> with
>>> native Barrayaran biology, could similar things be done to humans in
>>> the
>>> Vorkosiverse? The Cetagandans particularly come to mind. If the
>>> Cetagandan
>>> empire were to stumble upon a new livable planet and decide to colonise
>>> it, would they be able to engineer colonists whose bodies are more
>>> compatible with the alien planet's biology than those of normal humans?
>>Sure they could.  Why would they want to?  Remember, population density
>> in
>>the Vorkosiverse is very low.  For most planets, we are talking in the
>>millions, not billions.  And new, easily-colonized worlds are regularly
>>being discovered.  So, aside from special situations like Komarr which was
>>colonized early on before people realized just how many good
>>human-friendly planets there are out there, and which has the wormholes to
>>induce people to stay, there is no economic or social pressure to get
>>people to do something so drastic as modify their children's bodies that
>>much just to make it easier to live on a particular plane.  If it is that
>>hostile, just find another one.
> Oh, I wasn't even thinking the planet would have to be terribly hostile.
> But even the most human-friendly,
> Earth-similar planets still have an alien biology, don't they? The soil at
> least needs to be terraformed before
> humans can use it for growing human-compatible food, as the soil of
> Barrayar has largely been. Or so I have understood it, at least...?
> Elin

Barrayar needs that, yes.  Sergyar does not seem to.

Beatrice Otter

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