[LMB] Re-reading saturation

Harimad harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Mon May 14 18:08:16 BST 2012

SH> Stacey Hill wrote:
SH> To be quite honest, now Miles has married, settled down
SH> and reproduced, I am not interested in further domestic
SH> stories, that doesn't interest me at all.? Nor am I
SH> interested in stories of the children either, they are not
SH> the Miles I fell in love with.

D> Damien wrote: 
D> I can only think of the poor people who came in with
D> Shards of Honor, or Cordlelia's Honor, and never saw a
D> Cordelia-centric story again...

That would be me and yes, I miss that.  SoH is one of my best faves, followed by Mirror Dance and Memory.  

- Harimad

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