[LMB] Paladin discussion questions?

BJ van Look vanlook at yahoo.com
Tue May 15 00:12:10 BST 2012

> Second, and more disturbing to me, the implication that you can 
> learn positive self worth development from a book of fiction, a book 
> that is made up out of somebody elses head. ?From comparing your 
> thoughts and opinions against those of made up characters, with a 
> moral center dictated ultimately by the author who wrote it.

I have actively and consciously used Milesian (and probably Cordelian) conversation and social tactics at the workplace. They work.

The example that immediately springs to mind (which is not native to the way I was encultured as a child, therefore I must apply it consciously) is what Miles did with Nikki: don't up the stakes, lower the wall. Make it easier for someone to agree with you by making yourself easier to agree with--don't touch on the disagreement, touch on the commonalities.

I'm not natively socially ept, so modelling behaviors on more out-going and socially dextrous personas and characters is something I've found beneficial.


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