[LMB] Is this what a boycott looks like?

A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
Tue May 15 09:38:52 BST 2012

On 14 May 2012, at 01:50, Stacey Hill wrote:
> Is this what the list looks like without politics or religion?

Don't think so.

> Or am I being spectacularly cynical and everyone had a collective dose of life?  Everyone?

A collective dose of life for me, for sure. 

Our troupe, House of Inanna, has been preparing a routine for TribalFest 12, this weekend in Sebastopol. I have to pack tomorrow, and hope to have time for a bit of fabric shopping before getting to TF12, so that I can give it to a woman who'll make me some flamenco-ish "cholis" commonly worn in tribal style dance.

We've been having fun with non-domesticated rats invading the house, so one of my MiL's friends recommended a contractor, who suggested his sometime-assistant, to come take care of that. Edie warned Edna that [a woman of her age] would likely never let him in, unless he'd come with a recommendation: Brice is fairly well tattooed, and has those empty-wheel spacers in his earlobes. He has lovely thick curling hair of a light color. He is also sweet, competent, and swift: his hourly is $20, and I'd swear he did the work of two men today. He closed off entrances, including some we had no idea were there, set out D-con, and cleaned up what mess he could so that he wouldn't get quite so filthy when he went in to check for the deceased.

I think there was only one of the many small projects he didn't get to today--but we need him back next week for repair and painting the deck. He looked at the boards and said that not having painted (and perhaps sealed) all sides of the boards was resulting in their damage. There are fewer than 6 boards that will need replacement.  We were astounded at how much he accomplished today, and Edna said she feared she'd wake up from this dream. When we were totting up the total in labour and goods today, he mentioned his hourly was $20 instead of the $16 we'd been told. He was worried we'd be upset, but I told him I'd paid more for less competence--he's one of those "parts is parts" people who can take things apart, fix them, and put them back together again. We paid well under $250, and the termite & other pests removal firm I'd heard advertised quoted us over $5K, some for work we might not have needed.

However, before Brice came, we had to empty the entryway closet. Many things once lost were found again; several outgrown items were set aside (some to be cleaned or repaired first), and tomorrow, I take some of the clothes I keep for sentimental reasons (which no longer fit me) out to one of those zippered wardrobes in the garage, and hang them there, so that there is enough space to actually find things in that closet. In a sort of crawlspace behind the closet's back, we found some luggage, most of which needed at least a good airing. It is possible that some of that can go away. I've already found an item which could be used as tribal pantaloons, and it was ivory, so I gave it to our troupe's thematic lead for this upcoming routine, who often has a white outfit. There is a local mattress store that advertises various drives for the needs of local foster kids. Several heavy -weather jackets, a belly-bag, two backpacks from conferences, and a couple of caps were delivered this morning to the one closest to me. I end up doing this each time I finally tackle closets. Other new or gently used cast-offs (for whatever reason) usually go to Edna's friend Judy, who volunteers at a Cancer Society thrift store, and we've given them a lot over the years we've known her, some mundane, so very nice indeed.

My husband cooked breakfast for the two mothers in the house: maple-chicken sausage (Aidell's), some of the best bacon I've ever smelled, and cinnamon bread french toast. For dinner, Arthur seared tuna steaks, while Kurt took over the rest of the meal (which bugged Arthur): Japanese mushrooms with (undercooked) green beans, peas, creamed potatoes, real Maryland style crabcakes (aka lump crabcakes, to differentiate them from the kind with too many things that are not crab in theme). There were strawberries with unsweetened hand-whipped cream, and some little cakes (neither sponge nor beaten-biscuits) from a Santa Cruz bakery.  For some reason, Edna feels the need to sweeten already sweet berries before serving, which I just don't get.

At dinner before our movie, we told the server how much time we had before we had to leave, and he was very good about it. I gave Arthur a hint about how you treat waitstaff and the like, when you are on a date. Understood right away.  He'd wanted a milkshake there, and I said he could split one with me. They had kid's size shakes, which we opted for, as we couldn't agree on one flavor. He finally got the point of salted caramel, but as I finished the shake, I found it too salty. I looked at the time we had, just before our food was delivered, and suggested we put half of our platefuls in a to-go box. This is a way to help him absorb portion control, as well as not bolt his food. When we go somewhere to eat where the portions are large, I have suggested that when the food arrived, he set aside half to go home, immediately. 

Saw Dark Shadows with Arthur, and I had fun, having seen the original series for the last two years of its run, and knowing the 70s rather well, having lived in them. I forget what preview it was that made me whisper to Arthur, "If you want to see this too, you may wish to sit away from us, lest you get too embarrassed watching sexual behavior with your parents." Last weekend, as I mentioned, we saw The Avengers. I hope next week to see the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: I almost don't care about the plot, given the stellar list of actors in it, but I'm told it's a really good movie.

I think there was something else, but I forget what it was...

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