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On 14 May 2012, at 07:57, Katherine Collett wrote:
>> Joss Whedon says he was pleased to have gotten away with it.
> Like on at least one season of Buffy, where Spike makes an extremely rude gesture _in the opening credits_.  But the gesture is not well known in the U.S., so Joss Whedon did get away with it.   ("Oh, is he making the victory sign?  How sweet!")

There is an International Field Book on Gestures that can be extremely enlightening. I knew about V for victory/peace being palm-out, where as some rather rude was back-of-the-hand out, and the fingers often curled. I also know how a spirit or a ghost wraps a kimono differently from a live person of either gender.

I don't think "wanker", used in one episode, would have made sense to most US audiences, unless they had connexions with folks from the UK, were folks from the UK, or read a lot of contemporary British fiction.

Then there was the episode where Buffy was invisible, and she was trying to physically influence Spike's thinking, near the end. His reaction, looking downward, was "That's not fair!". I laughed uproariously, and Arthur, not yet 10, wanted to know why. I finally thought of something that I felt was age-appropriate, to which he said Eeewwww. I smiled, because I was fairly certain he might see the idea differently in a few more years.

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