[LMB] List Question

Tora K. Smulders-Srinivasan tora.smulders at gmail.com
Tue May 15 10:19:48 BST 2012

As there's a bit of a lull, a list question from me:

*no spoilers, please!*

What books do you think would be absolutely necessary to re-read
before reading the new Ivan book?

(Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, coming out Nov. 6th 2012, in case
you've not heard yet)

*I know some people have knowledge of some of the chapters of the
upcoming book, but others don't like being spoilered at all, so could
we keep this discussion general, even if based on those chapters?

Mostly was thinking about suggesting a list re-read/discussion of
books before the upcoming release. However, there's not really time to
do a thorough re-read of the whole Vorkosigan series, which we just
did before Cryoburn about 2 years ago anyway, which probably means
it's too soon to do it again. (I remember when, because I tried to
organize it when very pregnant and keep up with it a tiny bit, but not
much, with a very young baby).

So was wondering if there were any books that seemed really pertinent
and if we wanted to do those. But wasn't sure which ones I'd pick. Or
do some kind of read-through with the main idea of paying close
attention to Ivan parts rather than discussing the whole book, or some
other kind of theme in mind, etc.

Ivan -- from Ivan the idiot to Ivan the annoying to Ivan the mule to
Ivan the spy. ;-p

-Tora, dealing with a very busy few weeks, a huge disappointment
(career-related), but then haven't been that active onlist anyway, so
definitely not been boycotting. ;-)

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