[LMB] Re-reading saturation

BlueRose stacey at xtra.co.nz
Tue May 15 10:41:50 BST 2012

On 15/05/2012 5:08 a.m., Harimad wrote:
> SH>  Stacey Hill wrote:
> SH>  To be quite honest, now Miles has married, settled down
> SH>  and reproduced, I am not interested in further domestic
> SH>  stories, that doesn't interest me at all.? Nor am I
> SH>  interested in stories of the children either, they are not
> SH>  the Miles I fell in love with.
> D>  Damien wrote:
> D>  I can only think of the poor people who came in with
> D>  Shards of Honor, or Cordlelia's Honor, and never saw a
> D>  Cordelia-centric story again...
> That would be me and yes, I miss that.  SoH is one of my best faves, followed by Mirror Dance and Memory.
> - Harimad--
I confess its been a while since I last read it, but doesn't Cordelia 
make a reasonable showing in Brothers in Arms.  I remember a few scenes 
when Mark gets very startled by her fresh approach to parenting :)  It 
could be Mirror Dance.......

Damien makes a good point, I came to the series *knowing* it was about 
Miles to start off with so I read those, almost as prequels, ie setting 
the world, and providing a current basis for the story to grow on.

All things being equal, given the rather turbulent times they were in, I 
think it may have been a bit.....tiring...to have read too many more 
stories, the two we had were wrenching enough in their own right!

Those two books are however, in my personal opinion, the best love story 
ever written :)


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