[LMB] Ivan books to read before CVA

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Tue May 15 14:12:20 BST 2012

> > *no spoilers, please!*
> >
> > What books do you think would be absolutely necessary to re-read
> > before reading the new Ivan book?
> >
> ACC is clearly necessary -- it's the other only one that offers his viewpoint.
> Other than that, a minimal list that I can see would be:
> TWA, C, BiA, and MD (since Ivan is moderately important in them).
> Moving off minimality, maybe TVG and M, since we do see him there.
>> Karen Hunt

Personally, I'd put Memory right up there with A Civil Campaign.  Chances are (this is speculation, not spoilerage) that we will see Ivan more as we see him in those books than as the feckless, and willfully clueless, youth he was in The Warrior's Apprentice.  Memory is the book where we really see him move from the latter to the former.
You know, just once I'd like to see Ivan call or visit Miles and Gregor and *not* have them wince when they see him.
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