[LMB] Where is Cazaril, and what happened to it?

Brad Jones brad at kazrak.com
Wed May 16 23:23:19 BST 2012

Early on, we learn that Caz no longer holds Cazaril, or its keep, or
any of his father's lands.  (CoC, chapter 2)

Why not?  Do we know anything of where Cazaril lies, or why he no
longer holds the lands?

There's a mention that the family had run to "financial fecklessness
and unlucky political alliances" (CoC, chapter 4), so presumably that
was how the lands and title were lost, but it seems unlikely that his
use of his 'empty title' of Castillar would have gone unremarked if
the family had been politically opposed to the dy Jironals.  (Both
Martou and Orico refer to him as Castillar when he is falsely

Any ideas?

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