[LMB] Ivan's Aunties

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Thu May 17 06:13:58 BST 2012

t_neill t_neill wrote
> Alys is not Miles's Aunt. She's his first cousin once removed (by
> marriage).  Aral is also Ivan's first cousin once removed, not his Uncle.
> And yet consistently they are referred to as aunt and uncle and refer to
> Miles and Ivan as nephew and Alys calls herself Miles's aunt.  So on
> Barrayar, an elder cousin is referred to as an Aunt or Uncle.  Or at least
> in this family they are.
You may be overthinking this bit.  In Britain the adult close friends of
one's parents are often addressed as 'Auntie this' and 'Uncle that'.  In
North America I observed that my friends' kids insisted on calling me 'Mrs
Cooper', which drove me nuts as it sounded to me as if they were addressing
some stranger.  Who knows, maybe Barrayar follows the British custom.

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