[LMB] Where is Cazaril, and what happened to it?

Peter Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Thu May 17 15:20:08 BST 2012

At 01:14 AM 5/17/2012, Claire Nollet wrote:
>Yeah, I always wondered that, too, why Cazaril couldn't go home to claim
>his father's lands.  I mean, it's good for the plot, because he has to go
>to Valenda and go down that path, but I never really understood why he
>couldn't inherit, if his older brother is dead.
>If the title has fallen vacant, because everyone thought Caz was dead, why
>couldn't it be reinstituted when he's found to be alive again?  I'm sure
>all the people who took over his father's lands would object, but legally,
>they couldn't keep the lands.

I would have thought that the family lands had been sold for debt or lost to enemies or something.  The actual reason wasn't important to the story other than the fact they were gone led to Cazaril's search for a position with the Provincara, if only as a stable hand.

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