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Fri May 18 18:57:56 BST 2012

FS> Fred Smith wrote:
FS> Yes. and also, as has been said elsewhere in the
FS> Vorkosiverse stories, Miles has no problem with a
FS> command structure, so long as he's the one giving
FS> the commands. :)

TN> On Sun, 4/22/12, t_neill t_neill <t_neill at hotmail.com> wrote:
TN> (actually, I'm going to summarize, there's been too many
TN> recent incidents of overly-long quotes!)  In BiA, Miles
TN> chafes immensely at getting mild orders from Galeni, by
TN> the end of the books Miles is telling Galeni what to do
TN> and Galeni is doing it.  Ivan has a lifetime full of
TN> breaking rules for Miles - and getting away with it!! 
TN> Why?  Especially compared with the techs following Metzov's 
TN> orders and Lt. Ahn.

First things first.  The charges against the techs were dismissed, at the possible cost of Miles' military career.  (In fact they never should have been brought, by textev enlisted aren't responsible for determining if the order is illegal.  Officers are, enlisted aren't.)  Lt. Ahn retired to someplace warm and on the equator.  AFAIRecall Ahn suffered no negative consequences after he was found and fast-penta'd about Metzov.

Now back to Ivan and Miles.  They get away with it because they're right and save the situation in the end.  Miles put it succinctly if untactfully to Simon at the end of VG when he says that the situation called for Lord Vorkosigan and Admiral Naismith, not Ensign Vorkosigan.  There's a long and strong tradition that being right and good at the job covers a lot of rule-breaking related to achieving the right outcome.  Heck, there's a long tradition of being right and good at the job covers a lot of irrelevant rule-breaking.  

(Side opinion: Metzov deserved to be in the brig.  Oser wasn't Simon's concern.  But poor Overholt!)

When it goes bad, though, such cover is useless.  We know of one time when Miles wasn't right and the situation turned out badly: Vorberg's full leg amputation and subsequent related lies.  Miles was discharged.  That might have been tantamount to a death sentence for Miles, but he was discharged nonetheless.

- Harimad

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