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Peter Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Fri May 18 19:12:04 BST 2012

At 08:05 AM 5/18/2012, Howard Brazee wrote:
>Why does Dag say that poison ivy survives longer around malices than other life (or I suppose rocks with ground sense?).    Is poison ivy particularly hard to kill?
>(I'm not allergic to poison ivy, so I never paid it much mind).

My father had the good luck to not be allergic to poison ivy (I was, however).  Once in a while, a poison ivy plant would turn up in his wildflower garden, and I can remember him carefully dipping each leaf into a plant poison (2,4 D, I think).  The plant keeps its poisonous qualities even dead, and if you try to burn it, the poison goes up in the smoke, and can still cause rashes and blisters.  Anything that the plant has touched, dead or alive, is also poisonous to the allergic.

I would guess that Dag was just referring to the idea that poison ivy would have an affinity for malices.

My father once showed an arrangement of poison ivy at a flower show.  A physician, he had a human skull in a glass bell, with the poison ivy draped through the eye sockets--the top of the cranium had been removed, and that was where the majority of the poison ivy was.  I don't remember how he cleaned things up afterward, but he was quite careful and thorough.

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