[LMB] Poison Ivy

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Fri May 18 20:24:43 BST 2012

There are people who are highly allergic to poison ivy (or poison oak,
the west coast variant), and some who are not allergic at all.  My
mother was one of the highly allergic and was actually hospitalized
the first time she had a really bad case.  She was obsessively careful
about avoiding poison oak after that.  The allergy got worse as she
got older, and she was told that if there ever was a big wildfire in
San Diego, she might have to leave town ASAP to keep the oil from
getting into her lungs.  She died before there was ever a big fire,

At the other end of the scale, when my husband and I were getting
ready for our at-home, outdoor wedding, a friend of mine who is not
allergic cleared huge amounts of poison ivy from around the yard, with
no protection at all.

I am somewhat allergic but just get the usual rash.  Tecnu is a very
effective wash/lotion especially if you treat yourself as soon as you
are exposed.

Interestingly, and possibly more on-topic, many animals are not
susceptible to poison ivy, though they can pass it on to their people
if they brush against the plants.  The last case I got was from
cleaning off my horse's legs after we went on a trail ride in an area
with a lot of poison ivy.


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