[LMB] DSC 50 programming is up

James Davis firedrake at earthlink.net
Sat May 19 00:59:18 BST 2012

Well, I live in Kentucky these days, with Tanya Stewart -- she  
remembers you, Laura -- she was part of Jay and Sue's group. When she  
divorced from Al, she moved out here. Berea's her hometown, where her  
grandparents grew up and where an uncle was mayor for 20 years and his  
widow is still on the city council. She's the editorial cartoonist for  
the local paper. She and I started talking in 2009, I came out for a  
visit at Samhain that year, I took her home to meet the family in  
Alabama 2 years ago last weekend, she came back out to L.A. for my BB  
show in July 2010, and I moved here to Berea just before Thanksgiving  

I'm not sure I'd be up for another long drive the week before the  
wedding, but I'd love to see you guys!

(sorry for the threadjack, gang)


On May 18, 2012, at 4:36 PM, Laura Gallagher wrote:

> Lois wrote
>>> DeepSouthCon 50 is coming up June 15th to 17th, and I will be  
>>> writer GoH.
>>>  The con will be held in Huntsville, Alabama.
> James Davis wrote
>> If I weren't getting married the next weekend in Birmingham, I'd  
>> love to go!
>> I haven't been to a con in ages.
> So you'll be in the area anyway!
> The Gallagher-McDaniel household will be going.  I'm looking forward
> to it.  We'll drive out and drop the kidlets off with the grandparents
> in Louisiana first, then drive out to the con.
> Laura Gallagher
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