[LMB] Poison Ivy vs Nasty Creatures

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Sat May 19 19:54:34 BST 2012

> As I understand from my allergist there are three "levels" of allergy, and 
> a sliding scale of sensitivity:
> Intolerance leading to nausea, vomiting or mucal build-up. Migraine 
> triggers usually fall here.
> Minor allergy leading to hives/rash. Severe Migraine triggers fall here.
> Allergy leading to anaphylaxis.
> Sensitivity can range from "a couple of mouthfuls sets it off, to "someone 
> ate a peanut then touched the doorknob, ring the ambulance while I get the 
> pen."

That makes a great deal more sense to me.  Although it's hard for me to 
think of my migraine triggers as allergies, because one of them is something 
I generate in my own body (hormones), and another of them is weather-related 
(certain kinds of wild barometric swings).  Being allergic to the weather is 
just too weird, sorry.  Only one of them (certain kinds of smoke) is 
something that seems "logical" as an allergen to me.

My list of verboten medicines seems to grow longer every time I go to the 
doctor, alas.

who can't take Tylenol, of all things, for one, because it causes nausea 

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