[LMB] Where is Cazaril, and what happened to it?

Nicholas D. Rosen ndrosen at erols.com
Mon May 21 04:37:54 BST 2012

Brad Jones wrote:

> Early on, we learn that Caz no longer holds Cazaril, or its keep, or
> any of his father's lands. (CoC, chapter 2)

> Why not? Do we know anything of where Cazaril lies, or why he no
> longer holds the lands?

No to the first question, and only a hint as to the second.

> There's a mention that the family had run to "financial fecklessness
> and unlucky political alliances" (CoC, chapter 4), so presumably that
> was how the lands and title were lost, but it seems unlikely that his
> use of his 'empty title' of Castillar would have gone unremarked if
> the family had been politically opposed to the dy Jironals. (Both
> Martou and Orico refer to him as Castillar when he is falsely
> accused.)

> Any ideas?

I've been out of town for a couple of days, so pardon me, please,
if all of this has already been hashed out.  Maybe Cazaril's
father made the mistake of opposing the dy Jironals, or maybe
he got into political and financial trouble some other way.

Claire Nollet wrote:

CN> If the title has fallen vacant, because everyone thought Caz was 
CN> dead, why couldn't it be reinstituted when he's found to be alive
CN> again? I'm sure all the people who took over his father's lands
CN> would object, but legally, they couldn't keep the lands.

Possession may be nine points of the law, in a violent feudal
society with its central government in poor shape (the Curse,
y'know).  Also, if Cazaril Senior mortgaged the lands and castle,
or had to sell them in the face of financial ruin, the law may
be fully on the side of the current possessor.

Another point is hat the use of an empty title may be unremarkable.
A knight who has lost his manor is still a knight, even if he's
an impoverished knight, serving someone as a fighting man or 
a damsels' tutor for pay and board.  I remember an article by
someone who had visited Germany a few years ago.  Becoming
acquainted with a young woman whose name began with a "von,"
he asked about the village which her ancestors had ruled.  "It was
destroyed during the Thirty Years War," she answered.

Nicholas D. Rosen
ndrosen at erols.com

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