[LMB] forms of address, was Ivan's Aunties

A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
Wed May 23 00:44:34 BST 2012

On 21 May 2012, at 01:45, Howard Brazee wrote:
> My mother referred to her mother-in-law either "Mother B" or "Mother Brazee".    I don't remember though how she actually addressed her.

Don't recall how either of my parents addressed their in-law! Very few visits, our family, due to distance of employment locations. Both our mothers told their respective in-law to use her first name.

> My wife refers to my mother as "grandma", which leads to some confusion as her mom lives in the same retirement home.   And we have our own grandchildren.

A husband-neighbor in San Diego always called his *wife* "Mother", with no such reciprocation on her part. Struck me as weird then and now.

A. Marina Fournier
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