[LMB] forms of address, was Ivan's Aunties

Michael R N Dolbear m.dolbear at lineone.net
Thu May 24 00:31:02 BST 2012

> From: A. Marina Fournier <saffronrose at me.com>
> Date: 23 May 2012 00:44

> A husband-neighbor in San Diego always called his *wife* "Mother", with
no such reciprocation on her part. Struck me as weird then and now.

It's common in the North of England and is mentioned in the OED as in
colloquial use.

The reciprocal use, Father when addressing one's husband, is also in the
OED with a quotation from Dickens.

Compare House-Mother and Reverend Mother I suppose.

Michael Dolbear,
Little Egret in Walton-on-Thames

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