[LMB] The dormant lj communities?

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Thu May 24 17:42:45 BST 2012

> I've been casually watching the Chalion-Ibra and the Bujold Community live
> journal blogs and actually wonder why they are there? Chalion-Ibra had a
> good idea, but hasn't been touched since January. The Bujold Community has
> a very promising post in February about a forthcoming interview at
> Finncon, but again, no follow-up. Can anyone throw light on this?
> Just curious,
> Pat

A couple of things.  First, just like this list, the LJ community is
quieter when there haven't been any new books out for a while.  Second, a
lot of the major participators in Vorkosigan fandom on LJ (Tel,
Philomytha, etc.) are primarily on Dreamwidth these days, which is an LJ
code fork--two former LJ employees took the open-source parts of LJ's
code, modernized them, added in many features people have wanted for a
while that LJ has never gotten around to, and started their own blogging
site.  They are far more responsive to their English-speaking customer
base, particularly the fannish segment of it, and make it easy for people
to use both LJ and Dreamwidth.  So a lot of fandom has transferred over. 
The main Bujold community is vorkosigan.dreamwidth.org, which is fairly
active, though mostly with fanfic and not discussion.  But then, the
further out from a book's publication you get, the fewer people are
interested in discussing it, because most of them already *have* and are
much more interested in discussing whatever *new* stuff interests them. 
It'll perk back up when the new Ivan book is published, but given how long
it's been since a new Vorkosigan book has come out (and the LJ/Dreamwidth
fan communities are very Vorkosiverse-focused) and the fact that this is a
book fandom and thus inherently less popular than a TV or movie fandom,
I'm always impressed (and thankful!) that there is as much activity as
there is.

Beatrice Otter

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