[LMB] Life without Malice

Karen Hunt huntkc at gmail.com
Thu May 24 23:12:13 BST 2012

>> After searching locally, Lakewalkers might become world explorers.   (Could Malices exist in ocean trenches?)
> I thought the text-evidence is pretty clear that Malices don't live underwater.  I seem to remember discussions to that effect.

Yes, Dag does specifically state that they don't come up underwater or
under ice.

>> Without an obvious enemy, Lakewalkers might have a hard time keeping themselves from becoming the enemy.
> Is Dag's revulsion against acting in any way lord-like just Dag, or is that a general Lakewalker reaction?

Fairbolt and Mari share the revulsion.  There's a lot of "let
Lakewalkers keep to Lakewalkers and Farmers keep to Farmers" - like
statements made all around.  We even get that from Pearl Riffle Camp
people, so it appears to be part of their religious upbringing (sort

>> How would they fit themselves into the future world - or fit the future world into themselves?

Dunno.  Part of the purpose of Dag's journey is to find ways to do so.
 Having a Lakewalker playing pilot for river boats and such is one
way, I suppose.  Certainly patrollers ought to make good scouts in
general....  Makers could do interesting work in conjunction with
Farmer mass-production, though their very tailor-made approach to
their makings would limit them for a time.

Karen Hunt

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