[LMB] forms of address, was Ivan's Aunties, now OT:

Thomas C Vinson t.vinson at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 24 23:45:19 BST 2012

Michael Dolbear:
>A. Marina Fournier:
>>A husband-neighbor in San Diego always called his *wife* "Mother", with
>>no such reciprocation on her part. Struck me as weird then and now.
>It's common in the North of England and is mentioned in the OED as in
>colloquial use.

I've heard it frequently when there are children of the couple present.*
In fact, I use "Mom" fairly often myself when talking to my (grown) kids
about their mother/my wife.

(OTOH I always addressed my own mother as "Ma'am".  But that was long 
ago, in a galaxy far away.)


[*] Although come to think of it, most of the instances of "Father" I
remember are from fiction, some quite possibly English.

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