[LMB] Question for the listmind

Pat Mathews mathews55 at msn.com
Fri May 25 14:16:34 BST 2012

Have any of you had problems with losing your internet connections temporarily, intermittently? This has started happening to me and it seems to have nothing to do with my wiring. 

I have Hotmail - it's free, and has been getting quite slow when the "Loading" signal pops up. In fact, this is when most of the internet loss happens. 

I'll get a message like "We have lost our connection to hotmail" but I cal call up other locations.

I'll get one like "We have lost our internet connection..." but I am able to call up other locations. 

Fiinally, I can't call up other locations, and the light on the router showing Internet is out.

If I wait long enough, the problem corrects itself.

The question is -- where to start looking for answers? is this a bad router? Or is it my local internet service provider? Is it unique to hotmail? To free programs in general? Or is it the internet itself? It's useful to know this, because while it would be very nice to have a local service provider expert come out, explain things, fix them, and leave me with a manual, the reality would probably be a day lost in the process and frazzled nerves. You all know what I mean. So any information is helpful. 


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