[LMB] Dag meaning

Carol Cooper carolcooper at shaw.ca
Sun May 27 16:16:20 BST 2012

BlueRose wrote
> >
> Dags are the woolly trousers on sheep that get covered in sh*t and have
> to be trimmed off to keep the fleece clean in a process thats called
> crutching.  If left it can have health implications for the sheep that
> can get quite serious. That is the context for the following:
> rattle your dags - means hurry up! (usually said by husbands to wives
> while out shopping LOL)
> bit of a dag or a bit daggy - meaing a bit naff or silly (ie if I was
> painting or gardening I would wear my daggy clothes)
> bit of a dag - can also mean someone who thinks they are funny
> And if anyone wants to see dags then
> http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_W19ZkFqGT-
> M/SX0L9cYwxSI/AAAAAAAAA6M/UjC8cWOLkQQ/s400/Shearers+hate+dags.jpg
That's the usage of 'dag' with which I'm most familiar - but oh my goodness,
that picture!  Do NZ sheep suffer badly with diarrhoea?  I've seen a lot of
sheep in my time (Welsh here - forget all the jokes, I've heard 'em all....)
and I've never seen a bum in that bad a state.  That, of course, is why
sheeps' tails are usually docked it helps a bit.


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