[LMB] LMB on Kindle Fire and Internet Dropping

Suzan suzanf at embarqmail.com
Mon May 28 02:14:00 BST 2012

Laura Gallagher said [snip] "'Dag'" is an Australian/New Zealand 
informal word for an unfashionable or socially conservative person." 
[snip] (still a newbie, hope I did that right.)

What I'm luving about having LMB on Kindle is the ability to look up 
words and quotes and everything! I read a lot (about 200 pages a day 
when it was paper format) so my vocab is pretty good but there are 
nuances to the words that I like to look up. LMB taught me "tessellated" 
(THANK YOU!) and the quotes at the start of Centaganda is from a real 
person! I'd always wondered.

My fire books are from the version of the CD that shipped with the hard 
cover of Cryoburn in the US from Amazon. I just couldn't wait. That was 
lovely to not have to repurchase but I almost did anyway as I really 
really want MORE LMB! "They will value what they pay for" eh? There 
seems to be some slight differences in the Fire version and my paper 
versions or perhaps it's my mind. I just finished the Dagoola IV 
adventure scenes and I thought Suegar died but he doesn't. In general I 
run thru everything, read a few of someone else and then run thru 
everything again. Only Douglas Adams gets re-read as I can't find 
anything new in things I have read before. LMB ALWAYS offers me 
something new (or I grow up a bit and bring something new myself).

On the techie internet subject, being in IT myself, home routers are not 
designed to be self correcting and as robust as mondo business 
equipment. Resetting them (power off, count to 5 and power back on) your 
whole home network is the best to work around for this. PCs and other 
client equipment off (Kindle's, roku or hulu player, phones, etc). 
Router off, Modem off. Count to 5, turn 'em back on in reverse order. We 
have to reboot here after a storm too. Quote I'd never thought I'd hear 
from my two kids "But he/she is using all the bandwidth Mom, make 
him/her STOP!"

Susan Francois

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