[LMB] Favourite Words

Rachel anglerfish at gmail.com
Mon May 28 12:13:45 BST 2012

> From: Suzan
> What I'm luving about having LMB on Kindle is the ability to look up
> words and quotes and everything! I read a lot (about 200 pages a day
> when it was paper format) so my vocab is pretty good but there are
> nuances to the words that I like to look up. LMB taught me "tessellated"
> (THANK YOU!) and the quotes at the start of Centaganda is from a real
> person! I'd always wondered.
Lois definitely taught me "nonplussed" and "saturnine". She taught me lots
of other words that I can't think of this early on a Monday morning, but
those ones jump out. Perhaps because she uses them frequently. I definitely
get the feeling, when reading through all of the books rapidly, that she's
got some favourite words. I wonder whether editing ever involves saying,
"Oh damn, too many people are saturnine, must cut back."

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