[LMB] Dag meaning

Elin B elbju at yahoo.se
Wed May 30 20:50:59 BST 2012

Mark Allums wrote:

> I seem to recall that Dag Hammarskjold was the name of a character in a book---I want to say _The Fountainhead_.


>Anyway, what about the name Dagny?  While I'm mentioning Ayn Rand books, I believe that Dagny Taggart was the >name of a character in Atlas Shrugged.

>/ Who is prepared to have someone write that the name "Dagny" is not Scandinavian---French, maybe.

I just looked it up, not trusting my instinct - and yes, Dagny is indeed a Scandinavian name, always used for girls, not very in use in Sweden these days but quite popular about a hundred years ago. It's based on the words "dag" and "ny" (=new). A new day, in other words.



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