[LMB] Dag meaning

Eric Oppen technomad at intergate.com
Thu May 31 00:45:46 BST 2012

Quoting Mark Allums <mark at allums.com>:

> On 5/29/2012 11:17 AM, Zeev Tarantov wrote:
>> Yes, Dag Hammarskjöld, the former UN Secretary who crashed in a plane in the
>> - 60s, was it?
>> Kait - being vague on the exact date
> I seem to recall that Dag Hammarskjold was the name of a character in a
> book---I want to say _The Fountainhead_.

Ragnar Danneskjold was a character in _Atlas Shrugged._

> Anyway, what about the name Dagny?  While I'm mentioning Ayn Rand
> books, I believe that Dagny Taggart was the name of a character in
> Atlas Shrugged.
She was the heroine of the book.

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