[LMB] Ekaterin in the Liaden universe, sorta.

Elizabeth Stowe estowe427 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 11:13:01 GMT 2015

Fred Smith: "Madame Ekaterin Nile Vorvayne Vorsoisson Vorkosigan".....

Gwynne: I'd never noticed 'Nile' as a name before Ekaterin. (Since then, of course, 
I've seen it several times, for women and once for a man). But I'm just
wondering - how is it pronounced for a person's name? Like the river, 
or like 'Neal' or 'Nil-ay' or... ?

es: When my mother-in-law's family emigrated from Germany to Maine, US, their surname Hoar was embarrassing so they changed it to Nile. No one living can tell me why they chose Nile, but it has hung on as a male first name.

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