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> The only time I ever heard the name Nile was Nile Etland, one of James H.
> Schmitz' excellent female characters. 

I was just looking for notes on Lois’s use of Nile, and didn’t turn up the bit (which I’m sure I have saved somewhere) that directly gives biologist Nile Etland as the source of Ekaterin’s middle name, but John Lennard (or one of the many other contributors) to the “Reader’s Companion to A Civil Campaign” (http://dendarii.com/accc.html) pulled these notes together:
In the ‘Author’s Afterword’ to Young Miles LMB says “Elena Bothari was originally named Nile, after the character of Nile Etland in a couple of James H. Schmitz stories I’d read back in Analog magazine in the ’60s” ; she has also remarked that:

In the very first draft of The Warrior’s Apprentice, way back in late 1983, Miles had a then-15-y-o lively younger sister named Nile. She was written out in favor of Elena before I hit Chapter 5, IIRC.

I see the Vorkosigan Wiki (http://vorkosigan.wikia.com/wiki/Ekaterin_Nile_Vorkosigan) has a similar note.

For pronunciation, the Vorkosigan Companion (http://www.amazon.com/Vorkosigan-Companion-Lillian-Stewart-Carl/dp/1416556036/ , now pretty dated as the series has continued to grow) says “NAI_UHL”.

  Nancy (this turned into a meta-source post….)

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